This package is Varian’s collection of pulse sequences for NMR on proteins and nucleic acids. It is installed in the base /vnmr software by the system administrator (vnmr1), who periodically performs a BioPack calibration using Sac7d protein as a standard sample. The calibrations are stored in vnmr1’s probefile (/home/vnmr1/vnmrsys/probes/HCN/HCN). This is the only probfile on the 800. The Inova 500 also has a penta probefile that is used by ChemPack, Varian’s package for small molecule pulse sequences. Users on the 500 must make sure they are using the correct probefile.

BioPack can be activated for any user by the menus Experiments->ActivateBioPack. All the BioPack pulse sequences then become available under the Experiment menu. BioPack can be removed for a user by typing “BPrmlocalfiles”.

Most of the BioPack experiments work well. However, most of them have many options, and some compromises have been made to make them as versatile as possible.