NMR Instrumentation and Usage

500 MHz Varian INOVA Spectrometer

  • 11.75 Tesla 51 mm bore Oxford Magnet
  • 28 channel super shims
  • anti-vibration legs
  • three channel (three waveform generators)
  • z-axis pulsed field gradient capability
  • VT pre-conditioning unit, -40 to 100 C
  • 3 mm PFG probe 1H/13C/15N VT probe
  • 5 mm Penta (H,C,N,P,D) PFG VT probe

800 MHz Varian INOVA Spectrometer

  • 18.8 Tesla 63 mm bore Oxford Magnet (pumped 2.2 K)
  • 35 channel enhanced shims
  • anti-vibration legs
  • four channels (four waveform generators)-
  • 100 W 750-850 MHz
  • 1 kW 6-220 MHz
  • 1 kW 6-220 MHz
  • 300 W 12-200 MHz, 150W 200-245 MHz
  • tri-axial pulsed field gradients
  • VT pre-conditioning unti, -40 to 100C
  • 1H,13C,15N,2H 5 mm xyz PFG triple resonance VT probe

Instrument Scheduling

Scheduling of time on the spectrometers is accomplished by filling in the online NMR reservation web page or contacting the Director. Users are expected to use their requested time, or find someone who can. Scheduling conflicts will be resolved by the Director. All users must be certified by the Director prior to using the instruments. Upon certification the user will be provided with an account on the spectrometer host computers.

Anyone using the instruments without authorization from the Director will be fully responsible for any damage that they may cause.

Sample preparation, data collection, and analysis

Staff and facilities are available to assist users in all aspects of NMR data collection and analysis, including preparing labeled proteins by bacterial expression. Staff are also available to work with users in analyzing their data by providing training in the use of NMRPipe, NMRView, ARIA, and Xplor-NIH. Occasional users who do not have the time or desire to make NMR the focus of their research should either collaborate with one of the primary users of the lab, or arrange to have staff collect and analyze their data.

Usage fees

Fees are used to cover the cost of cryogens and instrument service contracts as well as facility staff time.
  • Publishable (non-proprietary) work: $6.00/hr on the INOVA 500 and $10.00/hr on the INOVA 800.
  • Corporate (proprietary) work: $100/hr on INOVA 500 and $200/hr on the 800 INOVA.
  • Staff time for sample preparation and instrument setup (if required): $40.00 /hr.
  • Staff time for data analysis (if required): $72.75 /hr.

You are responsible

for retrieving your data. The data on the NMR computers are not backed up. Make sure you retrieve your all of your data.