Troubleshooting Problems

You should contact persons responsible for the NMR to help you.
  • Randall Wilson - 3132
  • Bernhard Vogler - 6267

If you cannot find someone to help, leave a note describing problem.

Loss of Communication

  • this is usually indicated by the status box changing to yellow with the words “Inactive” - normally the status box is green with the words “Idle” or “active”
  • possible solution #1: in a terminal window type ‘su acqproc’
  • if system responds with “stopping acquisition”, you will have to type ‘su acqproc’ again. System should respond with “Starting Acquisition”
  • if system responds with “heartbeat alive”, do next step
  • possible solution #2: reboot NMR console (not the computer). You may have to issue ‘su acqproc’ again
  • possible solution for administrator: force download of communication software using setqcq command

Bad Shims

  • if the shims are way off, you may have trouble find good shim values. This will result in poor lineshapes.
  • you can load in the last shims you used from a previously saved experiment. Load in the data set using the OpenFile menu, then immediately type “load=‘y’ su” Omit the double quotes but include the single quotes.
  • you can load in the last set of system shims, determined using the lineshape standard. In the OpenFile menu, navigate to the directory /home/vnmr1/vnmrsys/data/lineshapes and open the last dated lineshape dataset. Immediately type “load=‘y’ su” Omit the double quotes but include the single quotes.