NMR Analysis Scripts

All these files are Perl scripts we have made to help analyze NMR data. Click on the file name to view them and then save as a text file.
  • hnha2tbl - convert nmrView hnha analysis output into CNS format
  • aria_sortlist - sort Aria *.list NOE file and output according to selection criteria
  • ppm2talos - convert nmrView ppm.out file to Talos input format
  • ppm2xpk - convert nmrView ppm.out file into nmrView xpk file
  • pdb_template - template for converting individual fields in pdb file (i.e. chainid, etc.)
  • cns2xplor - convert cns/aria restraint file into older xplor format
  • talos2xplor - convert Talos output into xplor torsion restraints
  • xpk2diff - calculate chemical shift changes from nmrView xpk files
  • assign2D - use a template spectrum to help interactively assign a similar spectrum

RDC Analysis scripts