Who we are:

Lynne & Steve share a love for dance, particularly for the older swing stylings of the bygone days. They have traveled all over the U.S.to attend workshops with the world's foremost swing dancers including Frankie Manning, Steven Mitchell and Virginie, Sylvia Sykes, Eddie and Eva, Marcus and Barbl, Louise Thwaite, etc. Their dancing repertoire includes Lindy (both the original Savoy styling and the smooth style popularized by Hollywood), Collegiate Shag (1930's style), Balboa, Boogie Woogie, and of course East/West/Gulf Coast Swing.

Lynne & Steve began dancing ballroom-style in 1992, specializing in Fox Trot and West Coast Swing. They (re)discovered the Lindy Hop a few years later and developed an interest for the original dances of the swing era. In 2001 they brought their style of dance to Huntsville, Alabama, where they are happy to share it with anyone interested in the old stylings.

Lynne & Steve began teaching swing in 1999 to college students at Southern Illinois University thru the SIU Student Swing Club. They currently teach Lindy Hop and swing in association with the Huntsville Swing Dance Society, an organization whose goal is to preserve and promote swing dancing in the Huntsville area.

"Come join us on the dance floor. You're sure to catch us at one of the local dances. Just say, 'Hi.' We usually don't bite."

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