Lindy Hop in Rocket City

This site is dedicated to bringing the revelry and spontaneity of Lindy Hop to the people of Huntsville, Alabama, and the surrounding region. "There is no east coast, there is no west coast, its all Lindy Hop," Dean Collins (1917-1984).

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These web pages are no longer being updated. For more up-to-date information on swing dancing in the Huntsville, Al regions. visit the Huntsville Swing Dance Society pages.

Brought to you by Lynne & Steve

He says, "The most important element of dance is the music, and my favorite music is blues, jazz, and swing. What dance better expresses this type of music than Lindy Hop?"

She says, "I really like the Lindy because I have more autonomy than in most of the other dances. The "swing out" gives me an opportunity to do my own thing. Occasionally I even get to steal the lead!"