Traveler with Gibraltar mount.


The Traveler on the Gibraltar mount is shown on the right. The mount is designed to accept the 7" AP sliding bar in one of two possible positions, held in place by threading thumbscrews in from the bottom. The sliding bar in turn is attached to the OTA rings. This makes balancing the scope a real problem. Therefore, I adapted the AP dovetail system to the Gibraltar mount.

The OTA rings are attached to an AP 10" sliding bar instead of the recommended 7" bar. This gives a wider balancing range, which is helpful for using an assortment of accessories (barlow, heavy eyepieces, solar filter).

Two holes were drilled in an AP Traveler accessory dovetail, and the dovetail was bolted to a 7" sliding bar using low-profile screws. Note that the holes are offset slightly towards the side of the dovetail with the tightening knob. This is necessary so that the knob can be loosened all the way to remove the OTA from the mount. The 7" bar attaches to the Gibraltar by the usual thumb screws and is usually left in place. The 10" sliding bar on the OTA then inserts into the dovetail. The balance of the scope is now easily adjusted by sliding the 10" bar with OTA along the dovetail. This modification also facilitates attaching and removing the OTA.